Blog coming soon…

In the next few days I’ll start blogging here at feminismfortories.  I’m a moderate, TRG-style, pro-EU, Big Society, pragmatic Tory, and also a flag-waving, change-demanding, individualist, liberal feminist. I’m not particularly left-wing and I’m not particularly right-wing.

I don’t believe that feminism has to be left-wing.  Yet why do I feel like an imposter when I talk about equality?  Why do I feel distrusted by other feminists because of my small-state-big-society approach?  My libertarian heart and my feminist head aren’t in conflict at all.

So this blog is about helping C(c)onservatives, libertarians and L(l)iberals to realise that feminism doesn’t have to be party political.  It’s time to bring back liberal feminism and give it a tory touch.


About feminismfortories

Moderate Tory, Liberal Feminist. Based in the UK.
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