Yesterday I said I wasn’t planning on going on the march.  I didn’t feel that I could march for the alternative when I didn’t have an alternative.  And besides, I support the principle of spending cuts.

I may have changed my mind.  Don’t get me wrong – I still support the principle.  But perhaps I can attend the march in the spirit of asking the Government and local councils to think carefully about how and where they implement the spending cuts.  Councils in particular can be heavy-handed and inconsistent in providing and cutting funding for local services.

I have friends who are marching with the churches, and it strikes me that if any section of this march is going to promote a thoughtful and considered approach to the spending cuts, it’s likely to be the churches.  So I may well join them.

Update 1pm: I was in the centre of London earlier today to lend my support to friends who think that there is an alternative.  Because I felt that to protest would have been hypocritical, I left before they joined the march.  However, I was impressed by the turnout, and I wish that there was this much passion and enthusiasm for a round table of the alternative or a project plan of the alternatives.


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