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Note to all Davids: think before you speak

A few weeks ago David Willetts said some foolish things about feminism. David Cameron appears to have repeated the trick today at PMQs. The Prime Minister responded to a heckle from Labour MP Angela Eagle with the words “calm down … Continue reading

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Marriage and the state

In the UK, the state offers civil marriage to opposite-sex couples, and civil partnerships to same-sex couples.  Civil partnerships cannot contain the language of marriage, even though some religious organisations support same-sex marriages.  The Equal Love campaign is seeking to … Continue reading

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The new Conservative MPs

Amber Rudd MP has an article in the Telegraph in which she explains how Conservative women “want to influence Conservative policy to encourage more women into politics and to make sure that Governement policies carefully consider issues to do with … Continue reading

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Easter: religion, faith and equality

This weekend is, of course, Easter.  Which seems like as good a time as any to talk about religion, faith and legislation.  In particular, the topic has come up recently in relation to faith and equalities.  A question often asked … Continue reading

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Equality of opportunity vs equality of outcome

We all know what we mean by “equality” – that people are treated as equal to each other because at a fundamental level they have equal value as human beings. But equal treatment shouldn’t be confused with identical treatment. Although … Continue reading

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Burqas and the French fraternité

Today the ban on Islamic veils and other facial coverings took affect in France, and two protesters were arrested.  Earlier this year Yasmin Alibbai-Brown argued that state intervention is necessary, that full-face veils are a form are apartheid and that … Continue reading

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Values and morals

Tim Montgomerie has posted at Standpoint that Conservatives need to retake the moral high ground and reconnect with values voters. It’s also picked up at Platform 10, and no doubt elsewhere. I have two responses to this. Firstly, we need … Continue reading

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