Wading into the abortion debate

There’s a lengthy piece published at Ministry of Truth about Nadine Dorries MP and abortion.  It joins the dots between Ms Dorries and a number of Christian lobbying organisations and groups.  (Disclaimer: I used to know a few people from CARE and they seemed very nice.  I never talked about abortion with them.)

Abortion is rarely mentioned in UK politics, and it’s certainly not the dividing issue that it has proved in the USA.  Yet it is creeping up the agenda, being spoken about more in political debates.  As the Ministry of Truth blog demonstrates, the pro-choice groups clearly fear that the anti-abortion groups are hiding their true agenda, criminalising abortion by degrees.

Obviously, I don’t know what Ms Dorries or any other MP really believes, thinks or feels on the issue of abortion.  But I suspect that the abortion debate is likely to get louder and more tribal, resulting in two entrenched positions shouting moral slogans at each other. This isn’t what politics needs, it’s not what the medical profession needs and it’s not what people having to make the decision need.

What is needed is honest discussion from first principles. What is a life, and when does it flicker into existence? To what extent are mother and potential child one and the same entity? Even if we still end up disagreeing, at least then we’ll understand why.


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