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Christine Legarde

Is Christine Legarde likely to be the next Managing Director of the IMF?  And if she were to be chosen, would she be a good choice? Obviously, as I’m not a banker, or even a banking observer, I don’t feel … Continue reading

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House of Lords wish list

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m in favour of a reformed House of Lords.  I support a mainly elected upper chamber, but with some cross-bench, independent peers. So, here’s my wish list for the Lords. 1) Long, single … Continue reading

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Roger Helmer MEP

Roger Helmer MEP has written a blog post which, while proporting to support Ken Clarke MP, twists his (already clumsy) words.  I can believe that Mr Clarke did not mean quite what his phrasing suggested, as he was speaking live … Continue reading

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Ken Clarke and date rape

Whether or not Ken Clarke said something ridiculous and out of touch depends partly on the inclusion of a comma. In responding to a question about why rape sentences were, on average, only five years long, said this: “That includes … Continue reading

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If young girls were taught abstinence, there would be less sex abuse.  “If we did empower this message into girls, imbued this message in schools, we’d probably have less sex abuse.”  This is what Nadine Dorries MP said on Channel … Continue reading

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Parental leave

The Government’s new consultation on parental leave is excellent news.  Different families work in different ways, and it should not be the role of the state to say which parent should stay home. There an article in the Guardian today … Continue reading

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The Coalition Government must not stall on House of Lords reform

(This post was first published by Platform Ten on 12 May 2011.) Reform of the upper chamber is a Conservative policy as much as a Liberal Democrat policy. Reform was mentioned in the 2005 Conservative manifesto, and suggestions outlined in … Continue reading

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