Roger Helmer MEP

Roger Helmer MEP has written a blog post which, while proporting to support Ken Clarke MP, twists his (already clumsy) words.  I can believe that Mr Clarke did not mean quite what his phrasing suggested, as he was speaking live on radio, and he is prone to rather lengthy thoughts.  Mr Helmer, on the other hand, has clearly considered and chosen his words.

There’s nothing particular I can add, except to comment that Roger Helmer is an excellent example of the drawbacks of electing politicians through a closed party list.


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2 Responses to Roger Helmer MEP

  1. Fair point but I’m afraid to say that even under an open list or STV Helmer would likely have been elected. Exactly how the ballot paper would be laid out can vary, but most systems give the parties some say or chance to direct the electorate, not least because of the likeliehood that voters will vote straight down the party ticket (STV) or pile onto the first name (open list). And you can give voters the opportunity to rank candidates but few will go to the trouble of researching the candidates and exercising that choice. Most will just support the lead party candidate (likely to be Helmer because it’s difficult enough to deselect MEPs and next to impossible when they’re hardline Eurosceptics).

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