Tory war on women

Feminist Letters, a fellow blogger, has started a list of anti-women quotes and policies to back up the assertion that the Government is pushing an anti-woman agenda – a “Tory war on women”.

I don’t believe that this Government is anti-women.  However, many Tories are anti-centralisation, anti-state and anti-collectivist.  Many women’s groups have tended to seek political solutions through centralised funding and authoritarian legislation, putting them at odds with the localism and gender-neutral liberalism of this Government.

The Conservative Party is a broad church, encompassing a range of political positions from One Nation, to libertarian, to social conservative.  In one respect this is a benefit, putting aside ideology in favour of pragmatic solutions.  Unfortunately it also hands the bigots a loudspeaker, and our bigots do like to use it.  How long must we wait before the knee-jerking-ultra-right-wingers leave the Conservatives form a separate break-away party?


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Moderate Tory, Liberal Feminist. Based in the UK.
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