Same-sex marriage

Excellent news regarding same-sex marriage: the Government is planning on holding a consultation next year, with a view to allowing same-sex civil marriage.

I’ll certainly be responding in support of marriage equality, and will also ask the Government to allow religious organisations to hold same-sex marriages.  The Quakers and the Unitarians have both stated that they would like the power to marry same-sex couples in the same way as they marry opposite-sex couples.

Here’s a previous post on same-sex marriage, and why the state should get out of the way: marriage and the state.


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2 Responses to Same-sex marriage

  1. When you’re writing about this could you also please refer to the effect that a liberalisation could have on transsexual people who want to remain in pre-existing marriages when they transition from one gender to the other.

    At present the law requires that a transsexual person in that position must annul their marriage (against their wishes and vows) if they want to obtain legal recognition of their gender change. This provision was made by Labour in 2004 in order to prevent such legal recognition creating same sex marriages.

    This has created a truly awful decision for some couples who have stuck by each other no matter what, and whose marriages should be celebrated, not thrown in the bin. The current provision is particularly unfair on the spouse, who has done nothing other than to remain faithful to their partner through an unbelievably challenging change.

    • The difficulty with adding bits on to existing legislation is that it all too often creates these loopholes and cracks — down which people fall. How can we say that we are heading towards equality if we leave so many behind?

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