Should the Topman t-shirts be banned?

The Telegraph wonders why “feminists are getting their knickers in a twist” over the Topman t-shirts.  These are the t-shirts are the ones which say “Nice new girlfriend: what breed is she?” and “I’m sorry, but…” followed by a list of excuses.

These are crude, immature t-shirts. They reinforce the message that relationships are trivial and girlfriends are something to be joked about.  They are designed to rub people up the wrong way, and I think it is a mistake for Topman to sell them.

Should t-shirts be banned?  No.  This is an area where I think the free market should trump what offends people.  This is bad taste which reinforces domestic violence, but it’s not actually a call to arms.  It’s not my role — or anyone else’s — to say what should and shouldn’t be on sale.

Saying they shouldn’t be banned is not the same as saying they should be on sale.  I’m a consumer, and I don’t want to shop somewhere which sells those t-shirts.  People voiced this opinion, and Topman withdrew the t-shirts.  That’s what I call a result.


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