Margaret Thatcher: feminist?

The Guardian has an article on whether Margaret Thatcher should be considered a feminist icon. Personally, I’m not a Thatcherite – while I can embrace the free market, I have little in common with social Conservatism. Margaret Thatcher would have been unlikely to identify with feminism, but she should be respected as a woman who challenged assumptions and broke through social barriers.

Margaret Thatcher normalised female power. She worked within the political structures of the time, some of which were explicitly masculine, others of which were simply “not feminine”, whatever you take those terms to mean. The accusation that she acted like a man rather than a woman says more about misplaced assumptions of a strict gender dichotomy than her politics.


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2 Responses to Margaret Thatcher: feminist?

  1. Well said! In any case, Lady T would rather have stuck pins in her eyes then be known as any kind of “feminist icon”! She believed in promotion on merit.

  2. At the autumn conference in Birmingham a few years ago (not long after I’d finished working for the Conservatives) there was a debate on who the greatest-ever Tory prime minister was. I recall thinking, as I sat down, that those of the female persuasion were far more highly represented in the audience than at the conference in general. Anyway, Mrs T decisively won the audience vote, and I’m proud to say I was among those voting for her.

    Mike Buchanan

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