Right-wing feminism

Today Gaby Hinsliff has a piece in the Observer on right-wing feminism.  As I’m writing this ahead of publication, I haven’t yet read it, but I contributed to it the research and I hope I’m quoted.

I’m a fiscally right-wing, socially liberal feminist.  I believe that all individuals are fundamentally equal. Every individual is different, but at the most basic level we are all human beings.

“Equality” is not the preserve of the left-wing.  Feminism does not have to be about collective rights, but can be about individual needs. Feminism started as part of liberalism, as the assertion that all human beings are rational creatures.  Equality isn’t something to be given by the state, but something to be recognised by the community.

If you’ve been brought here by the Observer article, please take a look back through my posts.  I apologise for the fact that they stop at the end of September, but I’m afraid hunting for a new job comes first.

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3 Responses to Right-wing feminism

  1. Good afternoon. I’ve just been directed to, and read, the ‘Observer’ piece on:


    Very interesting! I’m a writer (who worked for the Conservatives over 2006-8 before taking up writing full-time) with a particular interest in the scourge of militant feminism, as you might guess from the titles of my last three books:

    ‘David and Goliatha: David Cameron – heir to Harman?’
    ‘The Glass Ceiling Delusion’
    ‘Feminism: Crones’ Disease’

    I’m convinced the terms ‘feminism’ and ‘feminist’ have for so long been the exclusive property of the far left that they’re beyond re-definition. It’s time for women who aren’t extreme Lefties to coin a new term, I think. You can never hope to change popular conceptions of what ‘feminism’ is when it’s effectively being defined by left-wing idealogues who are writers, academics etc. A spirited campaign to close down Women’s Studies and Gender Studies courses in our universities would be a damned good place to start, I’d have thought.

    What too few people realise is that militant feminism is not just an assualt on men, it’s also an assault on the vastmajority of women who aren’t left-wing idealogues. I’ve just started a new blog myself, one of the posts being ‘Militant Feminism: an assault on women?’:


    Good luck!

  2. Andy says:

    If you are are naive enough to believe that society can function without ‘the state’ ie rules and laws, then I assume you believe in anarchy? Feminists have petitioned for years to have equality enforced by the state, yet you seem to believe it would have just happened naturally otherwise? Absolute power corrupts absolutely, and the free market does not regulate itself, have you heard of Bhopal?! As always its profit before people for the Tories, freedom for big businesses to exploit as they want, yet true individual freedom is mired in traditional conservative ‘values’. As always with the right, to justify your selfishness requires a great deal of contradiction. Indeed, Cameron used the A list selection to try and gain more women within his party, yet he does not think such policy should be endorsed by businesses, instead Conservatives favour the supposed ‘freedom’ of the individual against the odds.

    • Very few Tories believe in no state, although they do generally believe in a slightly smaller state than those on the political left. What I suggest on this blog is a balance between equality enforced by the state and equality promoted by society – not a complete absence of either.

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