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Signing off…for a while

As I’m sure is apparent to readers of this blog, I haven’t posted for over a month. I could honestly say that it is because I don’t have time, but the deeper reason is that I have a new job. … Continue reading

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Women’s History Month

March, it seems, is Women’s History Month. Here’s to female role models…

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Open Democracy

I have an interesting exchange with someone called Zoe Stavri on Open Democracy.  Essentially, she believes that Tories can’t be feminists.  I argue that I am one.  Some of the comments are enlightening, and by that I don’t mean that a) … Continue reading

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We don’t have to choose between shoes and sense

(This post was first published at Platform 10 on 2 February 2012.) On Wednesday, 1 February, the APPG for Women in Parliament held a panel discussion on the way that female politicians were portrayed in the media.  The Guardian reported this … Continue reading

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Women in Parliament

The Guardian has a write-up on the All Party Parliamentary Group last night on women in the media.  It’s about 33% accurate — because the journalist has faithfully reported what two of the six panellists said, and completely ignored the other four. The last … Continue reading

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The problems Tory feminists face?

Suzanne Moore has taken issue* with Louise Mensch’s article (see yesterday’s blog post).  I don’t agree with all of Ms Moore’s arguments. Firstly, Ms Mensch is not “rebranding feminism in her own image”, but writing about how she approaches feminism.  … Continue reading

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Louise Mensch

Louise Mensch’s article yesterday hammered home a couple of vital points: that Tory feminism is holistic, and that Tory feminism is about equality of opportunity. Tory feminism looks at women as people, not as a homogeneous sisterhood.  We’re not all the … Continue reading

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