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Open Democracy

I have an interesting exchange with someone called Zoe Stavri on Open Democracy.  Essentially, she believes that Tories can’t be feminists.  I argue that I am one.  Some of the comments are enlightening, and by that I don’t mean that a) … Continue reading

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Women in Parliament

The Guardian has a write-up on the All Party Parliamentary Group last night on women in the media.  It’s about 33% accurate — because the journalist has faithfully reported what two of the six panellists said, and completely ignored the other four. The last … Continue reading

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Fighting for equality

Australia has recently allowed women to serve on the frontline. While military life and customs hold no personal appeal, many men and women feel the call to defend our country. Traditional thought says that women shouldn’t engage in frontline combat … Continue reading

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A bad law for the burqa

Last spring, France banned full face veils in all public places.  Much as I oppose the burqa, I didn’t support a ban.  This ban was designed to protect the state, not women. This article in the Guardian this morning reports … Continue reading

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Let’s get this straight: being logical does not make you right.  It’s perfectly possible to construct a logical argument based on flawed premises. You take a premise like, ooooh, the fact that it’s cold at night, and form a logical … Continue reading

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Independent advice on abortion? Really?

For some time, Nadine Dorries MP has been asking that women considering an abortion are given advice not by an organisation with vested interests in the abortion process (such as an abortion provider), but by an organisation offering independent counselling. … Continue reading

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Being strident…or not?

One of the words which bothers me is “strident”. Feminists are often called strident, whether they are or not. To be strident is to promote a particular point of view in a forceful manner. The word has underlying tones of aggression, … Continue reading

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